SLK Investigations is not only an Investigative Agency; we also serve a great deal of process. Service of Summons, Subpoenas and other Legal Documents is a large concern for many of our Clients. SLK can provide Service of Process throughout the State of Florida, and across the United States. All Service of Process from our Clients are closely examined and supervised to ensure your Process is handled in a timely and effective manner. As a Full Service Investigative Agency, SLK can locate your witnesses, defendants, and other individuals you might need to serve process upon. SLK can provide On-Line Status to our Clients so they themselves can check vital statuses of the progress of their papers. This is a very important issue with many law firms in today's process world. A Client having access to the status of their process On-Line at their fingertips allows them to review notes and the status without timely telephone calls. SLK also offers Instant E-mail Notification upon completion of Service of Process. SLK takes pride in our goal to provide fast effective service and keeping our Clients updated on the status of their process.



License# A-9700090